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French cooking lessons


Enjoy an original french cooking lesson. Since the beginning of "La Cognée" in 2011, a lot of people asked me the recipes of my meals. You can read the very good comments on Tripadvisor.
I had the idea to share my passion for cooking with you. I propose you to cook delicious recipes and to learn the techniques and my culinary secrets. And to finish the day, you will enjoy your accomplishments.

What do you want to learn : cassoulet, creme brulee au foie gras, pavlova, macarons, or any other dish proposed to "La Cognée" ? Enter in my kitchen for a free custom cooking lesson.

To follow a free cooking lesson in Toulouse and prepare a full dinner (during an entire afternoon !), it's very easy :


- you book one night (or more) in "la Cognée" by using this page accomodation
parmentier de saumon fumé


le meilleur cassoulet de Toulouse
- you book the number of dinners according to the number of persons sleeping in the room


- you choose your own menu in the list of dishes already cooked in "La Cognée" (*) macarons framboise et crème mousseline


assortiment de verrines
We'll be together all the afternoon and will cook together the evening dinner that you will enjoy. I will teach you my techniques and my culinary secrets. (**) (***)


(*) The dishes are shown on the Facebook page of "La Cognée". Look the pictures on the files "entrées", "plats" and "desserts". Perhaps, I will suggest you some dishes according to the season.

(**) In a bed and breakfast, other guests can join us. In these conditions, I will ask you to prepare the dinner for all the guests.

(***) : The lesson can be delivered to one or two persons who sleep in the same room. The cooking lesson is limited to 4 persons.

The usual arrival is after 6 PM. Specially for people coming for a cooking lesson, the arrival is between 1 and 2 PM. The cooking lesson begins at 2:30 PM. The duration will vary according to the complexity of the recipes and techniques employed.

The lesson dates are set in common. I can refuse to propose lessons at some period in the year.

Booking and payment : the booking of a cooking lesson is only confirmed when the night and the dinners are payed by advance at the booking.

Limitation : free cooking lessons are available only if you book at "La Cognée" at the full price. A discount offer on the room price doesn't allow you to benefit of these free lessons.